Holy cow! The Cubs won the World Series

My great grandma Loretta Donnelly was a die hard Cubs fan from the day she was born in 1902 until the day she died in 2003. I’m a Cubs fan by birth and couldn’t come up with a reason to give a shit about any other team.
I heard that people were writing the names of beloved Cubs fans who did not live to see next year on the brick walls outside of Wrigley Field. There are so many people in my family who would have loved to see the day the Cubs won the World Series, but who got season tickets to the Angels before they could.
I went to Wrigley Field last night and wrote down, on the Waveland Avenue side, the names of some wonderful, funny, faithful Cubs fans using chalk everyone was sharing. This one is for Loretta Donnelly, “Merk” Metzinger, Aunt “Neal” Johnson, Bob Garrett, Marsh Siska, Richard Menken, Loretta and Ben Wisinewski and Uncle Ven.

Sure as god made little green apples, the Cubs won the World Series.